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Let our skilled staff maximize your sales in Amazon, the biggest bookseller in the world. Our experts in the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform will showcase your books, increasing sales and spreading your words. At Promoteyourbook.co, we breath day in and day out Amazon ads and will make the most of this platform for you

Because we specialize in Amazon Book Ads exclusively, we will achieve a much higher return that you can get on your own and we will not stop until you are satisfied

Why use Amazon Advertising


  1. Increase your book sales: An easy way to make more money. Amazon ads have become a weapon for attracting more customers by allowing authors to make their advertising spend really targeted.
  2. Improve your book rankings hiking your organic book sales: By targetting people that are actively looking to buy books, you increase your chances of selling. This will, in turn, increase your rankings, which will help you sell more books with no ads in the future.
  3. Augment your readership in order to cross-sell higher value products: By reaching out to clients that have never heard of you, you can increase your readership. This will help you grow your popularity as an expert / author allowing for other work opportunities.

Why use PromoteYourBook.co

Achieve higher sales, optimize your cost of sales (Acos) with peace of mind. We do the hard work for you

  1. Managing ad campaigns is a very time-consuming task. By using our service, the only thing you will need to worry about is writing your next book and managing your increased number of clients.
  2. Amazon AMS portal does not make it easy to understand your data. We will create tailored reporting that will allow you to see on a periodic basis what has been changing. We focus on ad spend, on sales and on Acos so that you get the best bang for the buck.
  3. We are experts at managing big data and achieving campaign success. Because we use the latest technologies, our processors will make sure that any insights that we find in the data become actionable data points which will provide ROI
  4. We make your campaigns profitable: We are aware of Acos for the mix of your portfolio, and we will make sure that all of your campaigns stay in line with your objectives. Everything we do is around achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
  5. We keep it personal. We like to know our customers, listen to your objectives and tailor your campaigns accordingly: Whether you want to maximise profit, maximise revenue or just maximise your readership, we will provide advice on pricing, on ad spend and on your listings in general.

Who is this for?

  1. Authors selling ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks as well as audiobooks in Amazon.com: people interested in getting a boost in sales of more than 40% or achieve a los Acos while still selling excellent amounts
  2. New indie authors which are not experienced with marketing techniques: We offer a hands-off service where you just provide us with the basic details of your book and we take care of the rest
  3. Experienced authors wanting to boost their sales: Whoever said that Amazon ads are just for beginners and newbies is wrong. Best selling books perform really well with advertising. As you can see on the streets, most advertising is done by brands that are already successful. Some of it is defensive, and some of it is based on growth. The truth is that our service will help you stay at the top.

Our Subscriptions

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Fast results

we typically deliver results from week one

Big data

We are able to manage thousands of keywords and amend them on a daily basis using the latest technoligies

Data analytics

As we’re growing your campaigns, we also give you advanced analytics to track your growth

Customer Heroes

We pride ourselves in delivering the best and most personable customer service. Each author deserves tailored care

Our Scope

How we work

1. Every good campaign starts with a well-thought strategy. We help you create one for your Amazon Seller Central Account

2. We select keywords for your campaigns based on our extensive database of 1.000.000 terms.

3. We create ad headlines based on marketing best practices and Amazon based performance from other clients.

4. We build automatic targetting campaigns to act as exploration campaigns to find the best terms and will perform A/B testing to cherry pick the best ad copy.

5. We utilise artificial intelligence to perform daily optimization, adjust the bids for all your campaigns to ensure we achieve your desired Acos percentage. We refine campaigns to maximise exposure and remove words that don’t perform well.

6. We provide comprehensive reporting to provide transparency and show what we intend to do each month. We will provide suggestions on how to scale up if you are happy with budget increases.We can offer bespoke seasonal campaigns, and different headlines

Getting Started

1. Sign up using the link below

2. We will send you our onboarding form to capture the details of your books

3. Were will also need authorization to amend your Amazon ads account. We will send you instructions on how to do this

4. We will then configure your first campaigns and start selling me books on your behalf

You have Questions

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Can fiction books benefit from AMS?

Even though non fiction books typically perform better using AMS ads we have seen success promoting novels too

How many sales am I likely to achieve?

Sales volumes depend on the industry and the genre that you have chosen. We have seen increases in sales from 50% to 400% from a baseline of no advertising

Is there a time commitment to your service?

The service is paid in advance a monthly basis, and we have no notice period. This means that you can cancel the service at any point. We will complete the period that has been paid for unless you instruct us otherwise

What makes books sell better?

Amazon has got an algorithm that depends on several factors. Our objective is to get people to click on your book. Once this is done, the customer needs to fall in love with your book and this is generally done by a combination of a) book cover b) book headline c) book description d) book reviews. If you are interested in these additional services, please get in touch

Meet our team

Agustin Rubini

Agustin Rubini is the founder of Promoteyourbook.co. He is a best selling author under several open names. He became interested in applying artificial intelligence to the advertising world after experiencing the benefits that it can bring in the financial services industry. He has seen how the profitability of his books has been massively affected by AMS and wanted to offer this to other indie authors.

Elena Marteau

Elena Marteau heads up the Creative and Customer teams, ensuring that customer operations are served properly. A serial entrepreneur, she has worked in several industries ensuring customer satisfaction is always maximized.

Our Clients Testimonials

Before hiring Promoteyourbook.co my sales were flat, since then they have tripled, my main objective is to spread my work out and now I can see more and more people benefitting from my writing

Ashin Rinpoche


I was getting a fair amount of sales on my own. However, when I hired PromoteYourBook I had a consistent increase of about 100% on a monthly basis. These sales do cost some money but I realised that my overall sales increased too

Jim Lacey


I write both novels and non-fiction under several pen names and had never tried AMS ads. PromoteYourBooks has been great at providing direction on Acos and ads strategy. I recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their sales

Peter Smith

Serial Author

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